Here you can find tips and recommendations for alternative diets, so that every guest finds at Vapiano exactly what he or she needs for his/her personal preference.

Me & my lifestyle

At Vapiano you can have your very personal favourite dish prepared. Inform the chef about your wishes and preferences directly, so that he can take this into account while cooking.

In addition, we offer you here some menu cards for download, which we have developed with our diet experts, so that you can go out for dining at Vapiano without problems if you prefer certain diets or have to comply with them.

Here you will find Special Menus to download

  • I expect a baby and eat particularly consciously during this period
  • I have a gluten intolerance
  • I am lactose intolerant
  • I eat vegan


Please note that despite all training and quality assurance measures there can be cross-contaminations in a restaurant operation and please inform your chef, if you have any doubts in that respect.

  • Here you will soon get a full overview of all allergens.

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We do not use any additives while cooking. However, in particular as far as beverages are concerned, we have to use products which unfortunately can still contain additives.

In sausage products colorants and preservatives are partly used. Here we cannot, unfortunately, have any direct influence. We are working on offering only foods without additives.

  • Here you will soon get a full overview of all additives for downloading.


Do you have any other questions on our products? Just have a look at our FAQ’s.