FAQ – Things you always wanted to know

Why is there no possibility to reserve at a Vapiano? Does Vapiano sponsor my club and is there a favourite dish to take-away? Here you will find the answers.

Things you always wanted to know....


At the Vapiano

At the Vapiano

  • Why is it not possible to reserve?

    We want everybody to be able to be there at any time. Guests who come spontaneously as well as guests who come in a planned manner should feel at ease in our restaurant. For that reason we are open on 364 out of 365 days per year.

  • Do kids feel at ease at Vapiano, too?

    Kids are absolutely welcome at Vapiano. We have several kids’ dishes; there are high-chairs and in many of our restaurants there is also enough space to park prams.

  • Why is no W-Lan available?

    Our guests should allow themselves a break from everyday routines. Without emails, but with great conversations. 

  • Why is there no television set?

    Vapiano is a place for communication, a place where people meet. A television set would interfere with communication and take daily routines to the restaurant. 

  • Why the chip card?

    Vapiano is governed by the principle of the highest possible self-determination. We want our guests to be free in their decisions as to when they sit where, eat what and when they change seats. The chip card is to help them organise their stay as individually as possible. 

  • What happens if I lose my chip card?

    As soon as you realise that you have lost your chip card, please inform the restaurant manager. He will do everything possible in order to solve the matter to your satisfaction. 

  • What means of payment can I use?

    At Vapiano you can pay cash with EC card, MasterCard, VisaCard and American Express, MPass and PayPass.

  • Are vouchers available?

    You can buy vouchers at every Vapiano. They have a value of EUR 5 each and can be redeemed in the entire Eurozone. 

  • Is there a smokers’ space at Vapiano?

    Vapianos are non-smoker restaurants. At our terraces and outdoors there is, however, a possibility to smoke. 

  • Why are the tables so big at Vapiano?

    Vapiano has adopted the principle of “cooking at friends” and is designed as a communication place. We want our guests to feel as if they were with friends and have the possibility to talk to unknown guests. 

  • Can I give some tip at Vapiano?

    At Vapiano you can determine this yourself. Also whether you want to offer a tip to recognise the work of our staff on top. A tip box is available at the cash desk. The tips are of course exclusively for the benefit of the Vapiano staff who thank you in advance.


  • Why do you cook with fresh pasta?

    Vapiano focuses on uncompromising freshness. It is, therefore, a matter of course that we make our pasta freshly every day and prepare it into one of the many pasta dishes in front of you. 

  • Is really everything fresh?

    The production of our pasta and our dolci can be experienced live by you in the transparent pasta Manifattura. But also our sauces, dressings, our pesto and our pizza dough are homemade. Only ciabatta and the Pasticceria San Marco are supplied by producers carefully selected by us.

  • How often do you change the Specials?

    The Specials change every two months and are always adjusted to the respective season.

  • Can I also take-away dishes?

    You get of course all dishes for taking away. Our stable take-away packaging guarantees a safe transport and can also be practically used after the meal.

  • How can I influence the composition of my dish?

    At Vapiano the individuality of the guest takes centre stage. During the cooking you can inform the chef about your special wishes. And even once you hold your dish in your hands, you still have many possibilities to refine it at your will. On every table we have fresh herbs, salt and pepper, olive oil, chili oil and balsamico. At the different stations you find garlic oil and chili flakes.

  • Why has my favourite dish been removed from the menu card?

    We at Vapiano want to offer our guests time and again new taste experiences so that sometimes a dish has to make room for a new creation. But keep your eyes open; many dishes which are no longer available on the regular menu. will reappear from time to time in the Specials.