Our Design by Matteo Thun

Uncomplicated, communicative, lively, eventful.

Supporting our vision of eating in the company of friends in a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Our Design by Matteo Thun

Uncomplicated, communicative, lively, eventful

Vapiano is the love of eating, of freshness, of manifattura, of communication, and of enjoying being together. This love is expressed in Vapiano’s interior design: eating together, communicating with each other, all in a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

One of the centerpieces and the Mediterranean symbol of each Vapiano is the 100-year-old olive tree which has its own special place in the dining room. The large and lavish panels over the cooking stations are another focal point at Vapiano. They display entertaining and informative content on the topics of Vapiano food, cooking, enjoying life and lifestyle, as well as references to that particular Vapiano city.


Transparency, brightness and lightness define the space in each Vapiano. Honesty determines the high-quality materials: wood, marble, leather and light.

The bright colors give Vapiano a carefree ease, and invite you to linger. The furniture throughout the dining room also captures this sentiment. The lighter, more sophisticated furniture fosters an enjoyable and communicative sense of space.

The lighting also changes mood along with the time of day. Direct and indirect light from various sources engender a very special atmosphere.


Large tables for up to eight people emphasize the communicative aspect of the Vapiano concept and the idea of shared enjoyment. Family and friends, and strangers can enjoy an easygoing time together.

The open show kitchen is the center of communication between guests and the Vapianisti. Fine materials such as Fior di Pesco marble and a bar top of brushed oak are an expression of high quality. Technical elements, which are relevant for the guests, embedded in the stations. The choice of meals is simple and uncomplicated for the guests. There are both analog and digital media to inform the guest without disturbing the space. This encourages and simplifies the interaction between the guest and the Vapianist, leaving plenty of room for easy and relaxed communication during the cooking process.


Fresh herbs which are found throughout the Vapiano, the “Green Wall” of living plants, and the view into the glassed-in pasta manifattura in the middle of the dining room, where Vapiano‘s fresh pasta is produced daily, visualize the claim of freshness of the ingredients and their direct preparation.


Each Vapiano has a comfortable lounge where guests can relax and spend enjoyable time together. The seating in the lounge area is made up of sofas, chairs and stools which are upholstered in two shades of red. Various decorative pillows offer matching color accents.

The Vapiano Terrace is one of the most popular and frequented areas in the summer. Spacious and bright outdoor ash wood furniture with cushions and pillows invite the guests to linger.

About Matteo Thun

Matteo Thun was born in Bolzano, Italy, in 1952, studied at the Salzburg Academy under Oskar Kokoschka, took his degree in architecture in Florence in 1975 with Adolfo Natalini and moved to Milan in 1978, where he met and started working with Ettore Sottsass.

In 1981, he was a co-founder of the Memphis group, the design movement that shaped events in the eighties.

One year later, the Vienna Academy for Applied Arts appointed him to the chair in product design and ceramics. Leaving Memphis, he founded the Studio Matteo Thun in Milan in 1984 and served as Creative Director with Swatch in 1990-93.

Matteo Thun stands for long lasting solutions with a holistic approach. Architecture means designing the soul of the place. This implies aesthetic, economic and technological sustainability. It means to create a synthesis of the existing, the purpose and the area. The solution is different, each time. Product design must reflect the soul of the brand. It is architecture of simple, pure and beautiful gestures to serve a daily life that goes well beyond our present life.

Matteo Thun has won the ADI Compasso d‘Oro Award for design excellence three times and only recently received the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2010. He won the Good Design Award 2011 for Onto, Duravit, the Simon Taylor Award for Lifetime Achievement 2011 
Designer Magazine and the Green Good Design Award 2011 
for Isy System, Zucchetti.

In architecture and interior design his Side Hotel in Hamburg was chosen as Hotel of the Year in 2001, the Vigilius mountain resort won the Wallpaper Design Award in 2004 and the Radisson SAS Frankfurt was chosen as the best hotel opened in the year in the Worldwide Hospitality Awards in 2005. The Prix Acier Construction was presented to him for the Hugo Boss Strategic Business Unit in Switzerland in 2007.

Matteo Thun was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame in New York in December 2004 and is a member of RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects.